Replace halogen bulbs on 12V with LED modules (with dimming)

Instead of replacing your halogen bulbs by LED bulbs, you can also choose for LED modules. The Absinthe LED modules operate on 500 or 700 mA. This means that they require a current driven LED power supply.

In this alternative solution you no longer need the lamp sockets of your bulbs, the LED modules are directly connected to the screw terminals. Behind this connection you install the dimmable LED power supply.

Installation LED modules

The illustration below shows five simple steps on how to install these LED modules:

Installation Absinthe LED module

Advantages of LED modules

  • Improved dimming range
  • More stable dimming
  • Longer life span
  • Increased light output

These LED modules owe their longer life span to the fact that all components are separated. Thus all necessary electronics to make the LED work, are located in the external power supply, in contrast to other spotlights (i.e. GU10 230V LED) whereby the electronics are located in the casing.

This means that when the electronics break down, the LED module doesn't have to be replaced. Unlike with normal spotlights, the power supply or LED module can be replaced separately. The LED module itself has a very long life span, it usually is the electronics that break down first.

Recommended LED power supplies

For the Absinthe LED modules, you have to install LED power supplies. The LED power supplies (or LED drivers) which are suitable in this case, can be found in the table below.

It is recommended to opt for a LED power supply that has the same voltage level as the LED modules. Nevertheless it is also possible to connect a LED power supply with a lower voltage level to LED modules with a higher voltage level, this will however result in a smaller light output. The Absinthe LED modules have a voltage level of  500mA or 700mA.

Suitable LED power supplies
350mA 500mA 700mA

Overview LED modules

Below you can find a list of the Absinthe modules. For more information about the other situations, you can consult our help page about replacing halogen by LED.

Overview LED modules

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